San Diego Office Management 101 – How to manage a successful office!

San Diego Office Management 101 – How to manage a successful office!

Office Manager responsibilities keep offices in top shape!

We all know the Office Manager is usually the glue that holds it all together.  If you are an Office Manager, your head is probably nodding right now. At times it can feel like you’re a trauma physician in charge of the emergency room – making crucial decisions on what takes priority.  Patch the gushing artery or revive the heart to start beating again?

To be somewhat less dramatic, are you having HR issues with your co-worker Bob, who has been telling inappropriate jokes that make everyone cringe, or do you need to run out to Dunkin’ Donuts to prepare for an important client meeting that is taking place an hour from now?  Being an Office Manager involves being inspector gadget with a solution for random problems. That is exactly why you like the job, because no two days are alike. However, here are five distractions that an office manager should NOT have to deal with.

The responsibility of Office Managers is to fix most things in your office

It does not happen often, but oh boy, is it distracting when the toilet clogs.  Or how about your boss who insists you get his prized University of Phoenixdental diploma frame fixed after one of the patients accidentally broke it?   A multitude of overlooked – seemingly small – items can break at any time and make your day come to a grinding halt, taking away from your core responsibilities.  Even if you are handy, do you have the time to go to Lowes to find the right parts? Chances are, you will end up being on the phone calling 4 handymen. None will answer the phone, and if you’re lucky, one will return your call to schedule an appointment a week from Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the women in the office are using the men’s bathroom because that is the only toilet that is working.

Office Manager cleaning responsibility

OK, here’s the thing, cleaning is simply necessity that you take for granted if it is done right.  But when it’s not done right, or areas are overlooked, it will be a major pain. Nobody will compliment your choice of a cleaning service when the office is clean.  But remember the time there were dust bunnies around the front desk and you never heard the end of it. Jamie in accounts receivables offered to clean 2 hours after her shift to keep the place tidy to save some extra cash because she is getting married soon.   However, her strength is clearly accounts receivables, and after-hours cleaning is taking away from her wedding planning. The owner of the company can’t afford the accounts receivables to slip, so who does he ask to straighten up the conference room for a meeting with the CFO in an hour?  Surprise…it’s you, and a couple of minutes to the owner is never a couple of minutes to the Office Manager.

Office Manager responsibilities in relocation or expansion

Your business is growing, which is great news because everyone is staying employed and life should be better all around, right?   This is a win for the Marketing Team because sales are up, great for the suppliers that are generating more sales, good for the key stakeholders due to strong profits, so it’s positive for all involved…except you.  Larger office space, construction, furniture moves, more traffic in the office, new vendors and new contact people, etc. Once this happens, your job just got harder, because now you may be working with architects, engineers, contractors, HR to increase staff and who knows who else to make sure the move or building addition go smoothly.

As a single source provider of facility management services, this is the perfect time to call System4 of Southern California.  We can help you with all of your cleaning (office, carpets, windows, floors) and general maintenance such as handyman, plumbing, HVAC and electrical needs to reduce your stress level and to get you back to what you should be doing.  Managing the office!


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