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Tips To Finding The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in San Diego, Orange County, & All of Southern California

When it comes to maintaining work environment cleanliness, companies have a vital choice to make: create an internal cleaning group, pass expectations to current non-qualified employees, or procure a commercial cleaning company to take care of those responsibilities?

While there are advantages and downsides to either path, there are substantial elements that reveal outsourcing this job is the most reliable choice. A commercial cleaning company identifies every task necessary to clean and keep your workplace clean. It likewise acknowledges the level to which a spick-and-span office makes a favorable impact on both employees & clients. Commercial cleaning companies can work at times most convenient for your business and efficiently perform timely, necessary duties.

If you do not have anyone to deal with your required cleaning tasks like clearing wastebaskets & clutter, vacuuming the floors to cleaning windows, here are some suggestions to assist your search for the best commercial cleaning company.

Tips for Find San Diego’s Best Janitorial Company

1. Do a thorough reference check

When it comes time to find a commercial cleaning organization, it is crucial to ask the right questions since you are balancing their experiences against the cost. Compare the cleaning company’s rates with others providing the same services. Inquire about their terms, training, & experience in similar clients.

2. Ask for referrals from similar businesses

When choosing a commercial cleaning business, you must do a little homework. Request testimonials from clients knowing they will provide their “best foot forward”, and also review their online reviews to get a full view of their competency.

3. Review their liability insurance coverage

All possible commercial cleaning business should have the ability to supply proof of insurance and how they cover unintended situations where it may be needed.  Some franchise operations may actually have both their coverage as well as their contractor’s coverage.

4. Understand their cleaning philosophies

How do they vet cleaners?  Do they have structured standards for cleaning circumstances like kitchens, etc.?

5. If you have a unique need, ask about their experience

If you have unique business needs, you can ask if they have experience in those matters, or ask how they would accomplish the tasks.

6. Do they have a cleaning list for their personnel

Are you able to develop a relationship with the cleaners along with understanding their skillsets for special duties?

7. Local versus National

Local services are nice in that you support your community.  Regional or National commercial cleaners have an advantage with purchasing contracts to save you money, as well as the ability to cover large companies that lift their expertise. And ideally, if you can find a company that has local ownership and national buying power, that may work best.

8. Ask if they have an MSDS listing

Material Data Safety Sheets are a vital part of the security treatment for commercial cleaning companies. Any kind of organization that manages chemicals has to preserve an MSDS for each and every substance.

9. Do their contractual terms offer schedule flexibility?

Sometimes you may need your regular Thursday cleaning moved to Tuesday as you host special events. Understand whether they are flexible or if it requires extra charges.

Bottom Line on Commercial Cleaning Companies

If you run a company, don’t stress over issues like cleaning your workplace.  Follow the guides listed to weed out potential bad providers.  And if after deciding on hiring a professional commercial cleaning service please make sure to connect with System4.

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