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Hire a professional facility services partner that you can rely on

When you manage all the maintenance for a commercial facility, chances are you live a stressful existence – especially when something unexpectedly breaks.

There are usually a multitude of things that need to be done, both interior and exterior, where you are the one that ends up trying to juggle the schedules of multiple contractors.  The moment you think you have it all lined up, you find that they postpone at the last moment because they prioritized another job over yours or another job runs over.  Whatever reason they give, your planning is now thrown in disarray.

Besides the scheduling, you have to deal with vetting each individual vendor.  Do they have insurance, are they a legitimate company, can they handle the job?  The result is an ad-hoc relationship with each, as separate contractors try and fit you in. To add to the headache you have to figure out afterward whether what they billed you is in line with what you agreed to pay.  Besides situations where the work was not to your standard and you have to convince them to come back and make it right.  

How to be a more efficient Facility Services manager

Do some of these things sound familiar?  Did you know there is a different option, one in which you can call on experts from a single operation to coordinate and perform all your facility maintenance needs? System4 offers you a one-stop-shop where we do all this for you – the vetting, the scheduling, and the payment processing. By using System4 of Southern California you will also be getting buying power as we engage vendors based on immense, national buying power.  Imagine how streamlined your management could become through the use of a single vendor.

Hire a professional facility services team

The service ranges from regular cleaning duties – regardless of the size of your building – to more comprehensive maintenance plans that cover HVAC, plumbing and more. Getting it done by one professional source will not only save time and money but also aggravation.

Contact System4, Your professional facility services team

We have the latest technology and expertise to do the work efficiently and cost-effectively. We also have the experience and professionalism to forge lasting relationships with each respective contractor and you will enjoy the benefit of that. Give us a call, we are here to be your one-stop building maintenance solution!

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